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Hash Table

    This is my implementation of a hash table.  It stores data in a table based on the data's key.  The user can supply their own hashing functions or use simple linear probing.

[ OAHashTable.h ]

[ OAHashTable.cpp ]


A* Pathfinding

   The files below are my implementation of A*.  The files were used on a pathfinding comparison tool I worked on.  I designed and implemented the framework and  A* pathfinding.

comparison_c-shaped_enclosures.JPG (96084 bytes)

[ Pathfinder.h ]

[ AStar.h ]

[ AStar.cpp ]


Binary Space Partitioning Tree

    This is my implementation of a BSP Tree.  A BSP tree sorts a 3D scene's polygons by depth.  This involves selecting optimal scene dividing planes and sorting each polygon on the front or back of each plane.  If a polygon straddles the plane then it must be split into two polygons.

BSP_tree.JPG (23743 bytes)



Network Engine

    Below are files from a network engine I designed and implemented.  The focus of the engine was to build a reliable network engine on top of UDP.

[ Transport.h ]

[ Packets.h ]

[ Transport.cpp ]

[ Peer_Funcs.cpp ]

[ Send_Packet.cpp ]


Low Level Direct Sound Engine

    Below is the source for a sound engine that I worked on.  It is the low level side of a sound engine that creates "voices" and is in charge of writing these voices into the Direct Sound buffer.




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