Tower Defense

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Tower Defense (Alpha)

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    Tower Defense is 3D shooter in which the player must defend his precious base from hoards of carnivorous bacon.  The player is assaulted in waves and given the opportunity to upgrade weapons and reposition gun turrets prior to each wave.



    PreBattle Menu:

        Navigate menus with arrow keys and enter key.

        Place gun turrets by selecting "Position Turrets" and clicking the mouse on the desired gun location.

        Yellow dots on the "Position Turrets" menu indicate enemy wave positions.

        Upgrade gun capabilities by spending points in the "R&D" menu.

        Select "Engage Enemy" to begin fighting the next enemy wave.


        Aim with the mouse.

        Fire with left mouse button.  Move to next gun with right mouse button.

        Shoot all enemies before they can reach your base (white rectangle in center) and damage it.

        Game over when base health reaches zero.



    I felt the need to play around with some new technology so I began designing a simple game that could utilize technology I wanted to learn.  Tower Defense is my first real attempt at creating a game using HLSL shaders and  Microsoft's XNA framework.  I also have plans to incorporate the Havok Lite physics engine and just about anything else I consider cool.


Coming soon in the Beta release:

    More Enemies!

    More Guns!

    Explosions!  (particle system)

    Score board! (will send scores to my website)

    Xbox controller support!