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McKinect is an application designed to demonstrate the value of a Microsoft Kinect powered booth to retail stores and restaurants.

Early alpha version test:

Game Designer

I was tasked with building an application designed to showcase the marketing value of a booth equipped with a television and a Kinect. We wanted to market these booths to retail stores and restaurants so it was important that the application could attract a potential customer and engage them in an intuitive way.

Keeping these in mind, I designed an application for McDonalds with an attraction activity and games of the users choosing. The attraction activity was a mode that attracted a pedestrian with motion and quickly trained the user how to interact with the booth. It consisted of a magic hat center screen and a magic wand. When the Kinect detected a person walking by the wand waved to attract attention and began mirroring the position of the person's right hand. The visual device of a magic hat and a wand in your hand naturally inclines the user to move the wand to the hat. This is how I trained users how to select items.

Once engaged, the user then had their choice of game to play. I ended up building a Ronald McDonald mirror activity, a burger stacking game, and a card memory match game. It was all built on a DirectX engine that I wrote to render game objects and attach simple game logic to those same objects. The games all used the user's hand location to move or select game objects.

Attraction Activity Burger catching game


User engagement and entertainment demo application.