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SmartGlass for Android

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Design Developer

SmartGlass is a companion application for the Xbox One which provides a second screen experience, on the go mobile experience, and allows users to control their Xbox One console.

As a design developer, my primary task was to construct the screens and controls based on visual comps built by the design team. I also acted as the main communication channel between the design and development teams. This involved communicating platform specific challenges and best practices to the design team, while acting as an advocate for the design in developer meetings.

I was responsible for the construction and styling of almost every content detail page and social element page. I have either built or styled every screen in SmartGlass for Android. This has involved creating Android layout files, animations, custom controls, color palettes, and styles that look great and perform well on phones and tablets of any screen size, resolution, and aspect ratio.


Second screen experience for Xbox One.