Trials of the Wizard

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Forgotten Tales: Trials of the Wizard

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         Trials of the Wizard is a wizard battling 2D platformer for up to 4 players on a PC.  Players race through rooms filled with evil wizards that must be defeated in order to advance.  Up to four players can connect over a LAN and battle through the legions of evil side by side.  The characters and environments are rendered in full 3D complete with visually pleasing particle effects.




bullet        Designed and implemented a 3D OpenGL graphics engine.
bullet        3D model loading, display, and animation.
bullet        Created an efficient 3D sprite particle system.
bullet        Built menu system with transparent menus.


bullet        Designed and implemented a 3D arbitrary body buoyancy physics engine.
bullet        Created collision system

    Game / Team Management

bullet        Wrote progress reports for each "sprint"
bullet        Wrote game design document and co-wrote technical design document.
bullet        Tracked and assigned tasks to team members.


bullet        Built 3D level creation and editing tool.