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Lead Developer

In a market of flat and robotic media browsing experiences, my team at the time wanted to build a UI that stood out. Our mechanical engineers had already begun work on the companies' new Tegra powered set-top box and it was my role to build a sample UI to demonstrate our set-top box to potential customers.

The goals of this project were to allow intuitive navigation of media and provide eye catching visuals unlike any other set-top box UI. Given the power of the Tegra processor we had at our disposal, we opted for a stereoscopic 3D UI. I crafted a OpenGL 3D UI engine capable of displaying content in stereoscopic 3D as well as several special effects using custom GLSL shaders.

3D was new territory for the design team, so I also demonstrated what can be done in 3D as well as coach the designers on best practices of arranging a visually comfortable stereoscopic 3D scene.


Stereoscopic 3D UI for Tegra powered set-top box